8 Tips to work with your Search Consultancy

Working with your Search Consultancy should be a rewarding and interesting experience.

To get the best out of anything, you need to put some work in too. Recruiters aren’t machines, they are a close-knit team of real people and the top ones know each other. They’ve probably worked together in the early careers and they still drink together too – even though they may have different employers. The tip here is treat them with respect, you.

So here’s a few tips:

  1. Don’t send your CV to every internet portal you can find. Spamming your CV does dilute it’s interest. If a recruiter believes that you really are faily unique, he’ll do a better job. If he thinks that every recruiter and internet site has already found your CV, you’ll have lost the initial sparkle.
  2. Tell them straight what your ideal job is. Inflating your ideas and your status won’t do you any favours.
  3. Email your agent every couple of weeks to remind them that you are still looking and that you will be happy to attend interview at short notice.
  4. Ideally use a recommended recruiter. If you can’t find a recommendation, check them out and their history. They will be representing you – so make sure you find someone in the company that you trust and can get along with.
  5. Don’t be evasive. Try and build a relationship and tell your recruiter the truth. The more they know, the better they can work with you.
  6. What is your bottom line? Just tell your recruiter – but also discuss with them what you think you are worth and why.
  7. Does your CV actually reflect you? Find someone you trust that can review it.
  8. Generalist agencies often don’t work very well for specialist trades and skills. Find a specialist that can work with you and add value to your search.

We find that respectful and honest candidates end up with the better jobs. There’s got to be something in it!