Our New Brand is Coming!

Our brand is developing and it is getting a makeover!

Our business continues to develop and grow. We continue to build market-sector specialist practices, with industry experts spanning over 30 years experience.

We are building our service excellence and models, continuing to deliver and deliver share-holder value.

We just no that we’ve grown to something else.

Still the same values, still the same delivery quality.

We just look to take it to a new level. Coming to you soon!!

Interim Service Offering Enhanced!

We are excited to announce that very shortly our Interim Management service offering is being significantly enhanced. It will include increased financial capability, new IT platforms and a multi-layered capability for client and contractors to operate under IR35 correctly in the Public Sector and in minimising their individual liability.

More to come and we’ll shout when it’s launched. What the space.

“I am genuinely excited about the partnerships we have developed for this side of our business. They are two of the biggest in the marketplace and with unrivalled expertise which will allow us to drive our expansion in FY2019/2020” quotes Peter Heffron. MD.

Retained Levels Continue

We excited to confirm that the first quarter of 2019 has shown consistency in Retained Executive Search work and more importantly 100% delivery upon those commitments.

Assignments have varied in sectors and functions, including Sales, Operations and Finance. Geographically they have predominantly been servicing UK clients, but have also included Europe and the US.

“As spring drives us towards the middle of the year, we will be concluding our financial year in June and looking forwards with excitement to the summer and Q1 of our new financial year”, quotes Peter Heffron, MD. “This is about us servicing individual clients on a personal level and creating long term value in their organisations”.

Community and Supporting our Youth Groups

What a day the 5th of December has been! #rewarding, #enlightening, #giving

It could have been any Wednesday, but for a change it focused on others. From a little work and time within our local school to the fantastic fun, sponsoring and watching our local Beavers, Cubs and Scouts enjoy several hours climbing, caving and bouldering. Courtesy of our friends at The Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Northampton. Check them out at www.thepinnaclecentre.co.uk  Our thanks to Simon and the entire team. They had a blast!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Retained v’s Brexit!

Irrespective of perceptions or feelings regarding the impending ‘Brexit’ in 2019, our clients and markets continue to operate strongly and are demonstrating an ever increasing reliance for Retained Executive Search assignments to be carried out. This has over the last quarter held true across the UK, Europe and the US, with clients still actively getting on with their plans and agendas for the UK marketplace and beyond.

Markets continue to be tight for ‘active – new role shopping’ talent, yet solid for attracting exceptional talent into dynamic businesses, if the correct mindset, methodology and willingness is put into plan and seen through.

This doesn’t mean it comes quickly and we are seeing that patience needs to be exercised, but if the senior appointment critical and the appointment is got right, everything else slots into place. Increased return on investment, through quantifiable higher returns from higher calibre individuals, massive reductions in % churn of staff, significant increases in staff morale through excellent leadership and a substantial improvement in brand loyalty.

Therefore, why wouldn’t you plan to deliver well for your business and clients increasing share-holder value?

We continue to love working with our clients, when it goes well and when it’s tough. It’s great to stand shoulder to shoulder and we thank you all for a fantastic summer quarter.

Ho Ho Ho! – Who Could it Be?

A little Christmas magic and cheer was spread at the local pre-school Toddler group we have been supporting for the last 3 1/2 years with the parish church!

Apparently ‘Elf and safety’ went out the window, but after all the clowning around, our MD Peter Heffron let the real Father Christmas make an appearance to a delighted group of children!

We wish them all a magical Christmas!

Community – Summer Time

‘Summertime, and the liv’n is easy’!

We sincerely hope that for everyone this period of the year is exactly that. The chance to take well earned time with loved ones, complete focus on them and appreciation for everything folk work for and are blessed with.

The classic by George Gershwin, especially with that infamous tune, conjures up an image for many that’s great, fantastic, wonderful and a beautiful thing. But he was also writing about very different things then. That is the beauty of music – one piece can create so many different meanings and feelings for so many.

Life is also exactly like that. Just when some experience great things, others need help, support, guidance or just a little boost. So we are reaching out to all you lovely people now, this summer. So, so many small, local, even micro charitable and community projects are on our doorsteps needing help. So much seems to happen in that area during the deemed ‘harder’ months of Winter, but for them it is every month and every season.

We also know, acknowledge and applaud the amount of good works that so many people globally do every single hour of every single day for others, but we do have an appeal. An appeal for to all, that when we enjoy our summer break with family, loved ones and friends, spare a thought for the closest cause in your neighbourhood that needs help. And then, if you can, give them support – time, talents, cash, prayers, whatever you can afford. We ask you to think this summer of the micro, local causes closest to you that need your support, but can make the biggest difference to peoples’ lives.

We are delighted to have supported a local school project, looking to install a defibrillator into their local community as well as another local church in its efforts to improve its facilities for all visitors. But our last and final part of our plea is this – We are a small business, but with a MASSIVE heart and we therefore look to assist directly, small and local causes and we are on the hunt. We have a little cash and some time to give to another project this summer and we need two for 2018. Do you know of anything we can help with in the Northamptonshire or North Leicester areas? If so, please email peter@huntermaclean.co.uk with details.

Consistency across markets is resulting in a ‘Hot Summer’.

Excuse the punt in the title, as the UK along with the rest of Europe enjoys some more hot summer weather before the Bank Holiday this weekend! It maybe 28/30 degrees for some of us out there, but it hasn’t sent us mad just yet. The markets have!

Over the last 6 months we have seen consistency across the sectors we operate in, whether Financial Services, Supply Chain Management or Logistics. The first half of 2016 has seen us being commissioned on more Retained Search work than ever and it continues to be so.

This has resulted in us successfully delivering assignments at Board Level, National, Regional appointments and site specific roles. The momentum continues and despite ‘Brexit’ worries given out by various press/other bodies or individuals, we are experiencing an extremely busy and consistent summer period. Employment is high, our clients are building businesses and investing in the future. All of which, along with their future plans mean we expect to see a very consistent market for the remainder of 2016 and into 2017.


New Life, New Generation, New Growth = One Great Community

Today is a special day for us, as we celebrate a HUGE, MASSIVE 2nd Birthday. Not ours, but a wonderful pre-school Toddler group, we helped establish and occasionally pop in to help run!

Today was a morning for lending a hand at 08:30 and getting everything ready for the fun to start from just after 9 till 11 o’clock. The next generation certainly know how to play-hard and have a great time!

2 years on and the community locally have not looked back. Relationships have been built, new faces are constantly joining and it has been full since it opened.

It just goes to show what can be achieved, which has an impact on peoples’ lives for the good and is completely run by the most dedicated, caring and hardworking small team you could ever meet. We so love to lend a hand a play – just a shame we have to come back to the desk and work!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone:)


Armed Forces Corporate Covenant


We are proud to commit and sign up to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant.

A Corporate Covenant is a voluntary pledge from businesses and charitable organisations who wish to demonstrate their concrete support for the Armed Forces Community. By signing the covenant we vow to uphold the covenant’s key principles; that no member of the armed forces should face disadvantage compared to any other citizen, and acknowledges that in some circumstances, special treatment should be afforded, particularly for the injured or bereaved.

Peter Heffron Managing Director states:

“As an organisation, for us this is both corporate and very personal. We have for a number of years now provided specialist help to those from our Armed Forces in what we do and we will continue to do so”.

“We are immensely proud to be able to show our support in this way and will look to continue to build our relationships and support given to all serving and veteran personnel, as well as their families”.

Heinrich Derek Ltd Corporate Pledge