Community – Summer Time

‘Summertime, and the liv’n is easy’!

We sincerely hope that for everyone this period of the year is exactly that. The chance to take well earned time with loved ones, complete focus on them and appreciation for everything folk work for and are blessed with.

The classic by George Gershwin, especially with that infamous tune, conjures up an image for many that’s great, fantastic, wonderful and a beautiful thing. But he was also writing about very different things then. That is the beauty of music – one piece can create so many different meanings and feelings for so many.

Life is also exactly like that. Just when some experience great things, others need help, support, guidance or just a little boost. So we are reaching out to all you lovely people now, this summer. So, so many small, local, even micro charitable and community projects are on our doorsteps needing help. So much seems to happen in that area during the deemed ‘harder’ months of Winter, but for them it is every month and every season.

We also know, acknowledge and applaud the amount of good works that so many people globally do every single hour of every single day for others, but we do have an appeal. An appeal for to all, that when we enjoy our summer break with family, loved ones and friends, spare a thought for the closest cause in your neighbourhood that needs help. And then, if you can, give them support – time, talents, cash, prayers, whatever you can afford. We ask you to think this summer of the micro, local causes closest to you that need your support, but can make the biggest difference to peoples’ lives.

We are delighted to have supported a local school project, looking to install a defibrillator into their local community as well as another local church in its efforts to improve its facilities for all visitors. But our last and final part of our plea is this – We are a small business, but with a MASSIVE heart and we therefore look to assist directly, small and local causes and we are on the hunt. We have a little cash and some time to give to another project this summer and we need two for 2018. Do you know of anything we can help with in the Northamptonshire or North Leicester areas? If so, please email with details.