December and Don’t Rush………………Enjoy!

Well December is upon us!

For many there is a tremendous lot to do and cram into our lives over the next 3 and a bit weeks before Christmas, both in work and our personal lives. But take a breath occasionally and take some time out. Time for family, friends and for you. Don’t be afraid to have a little time to stop, have a little creative thinking time and ensure that the entire season that’s upon us, doesn’t just become as stressful as every other year and you feel there’s not enough time.

Actually there is. Lots of time that is!

So much can still be achieved in such a short period of time, both professionally and personally. It just takes a fraction of discipline to stop email or social media after a certain time each day, or to claw back some time away from the television and spend it with family doing something different, or get out there and meet up with friends.

Above all, take time to enjoy it. Rush it and you’ll only enjoy a 48/72hr period over Christmas itself, followed by collapsing in a heap. A few choice moments over this period ahead of us and you’ll be more alert, feel inspired and have enjoyed some precious memories that we should all cherish for a life time.