Visit to Local Community Program

We pop in regularly to see how things are at the local Toddler group. A wonderful group of dedicated people that run this Church-based initiative.

We took in a few extra new toys last week – it’s amazing how addictive ‘bristle blocks” are. Remember those? We bet you do!

What a year makes. In 8 weeks time this group is a year old and now catering for 30/40 children and parents weekly. It’s now self run, self funding and has brought countless people together. They all have great fun and another aspect of community has impacted peoples lives for the better:)

Community in Action

From a pure idea, to gaining 4 volunteers, a new Parents and Toddler group has been born with our help in the area we’re based in. If you want to make a grown man cry, take his idea, have a little faith and go for it – 4 weeks later the doors opened, 30 little ones are having a great time and people are making new friends across 4/5 villages.

Now that’s community in action!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Investing in the Future with Key Educational Establishments

From analysts’ forecasts, to feedback with senior leaders across various vertical sectors, 2014 looks set to be a cracking year! It is also why, as we enjoy building business and being rushed off our feet with the day to day, we’re ensuring we play our part in helping build the future.

We’re already committed to assisting one university with guiding Business Students in key attributes of Employability and we can’t wait to be in working with the them in the spring.

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Helping Empower the Next Generation

As part of our ‘Changing Lives’ commitment, we’re delighted to have been
involved again in presenting at Northampton University on 13th May to their 2nd
year Business Studies students. For those not aware, Northampton University is
No.1 for Employability in the UK. With bespoke and compulsory modules assisting
the students in the business school to prepare them for moving into the
workplace, it’s no wonder they come out on top!

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