New Life, New Generation, New Growth = One Great Community

Today is a special day for us, as we celebrate a HUGE, MASSIVE 2nd Birthday. Not ours, but a wonderful pre-school Toddler group, we helped establish and occasionally pop in to help run!

Today¬†was a morning for lending a hand at 08:30 and getting everything ready for the fun to start from just after 9 till 11 o’clock. The next generation certainly know how to play-hard and have a great time!

2 years on and the community locally have not looked back. Relationships have been built, new faces are constantly joining and it has been full since it opened.

It just goes to show what can be achieved, which has an impact on peoples’ lives for the good and is completely run by the most dedicated, caring and hardworking small team you could ever meet. We so love to lend a hand a play – just a shame we have to come back to the desk and work!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone:)


Visit to Local Community Program

We pop in regularly to see how things are at the local Toddler group. A wonderful group of dedicated people that run this Church-based initiative.

We took in a few extra new toys last week – it’s amazing how addictive ‘bristle blocks” are. Remember those? We bet you do!

What a year makes. In 8 weeks time this group is a year old and now catering for 30/40 children and parents weekly. It’s now self run, self funding and has brought countless people together. They all have great fun and another aspect of community has impacted peoples lives for the better:)

Community in Action

From a pure idea, to gaining 4 volunteers, a new Parents and Toddler group has been born with our help in the area we’re based in. If you want to make a grown man cry, take his idea, have a little faith and go for it – 4 weeks later the doors opened, 30 little ones are having a great time and people are making new friends across 4/5 villages.

Now that’s community in action!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Bringing a Little Hope at Christmas

We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and New Year and especially for the 40 children and mothers we have been privileged to support, by spending Christmas Eve at the Panto. They have all suffered at the hands of domestic abuse, and we hope this just gives them a little fun and something magical for a moment in their lives. All we ask is that you hold them in your thoughts and anyone else who needs help at this time and always. Thanks.