Retained v’s Brexit!

Irrespective of perceptions or feelings regarding the impending ‘Brexit’ in 2019, our clients and markets continue to operate strongly and are demonstrating an ever increasing reliance for Retained Executive Search assignments to be carried out. This has over the last quarter held true across the UK, Europe and the US, with clients still actively getting on with their plans and agendas for the UK marketplace and beyond.

Markets continue to be tight for ‘active – new role shopping’ talent, yet solid for attracting exceptional talent into dynamic businesses, if the correct mindset, methodology and willingness is put into plan and seen through.

This doesn’t mean it comes quickly and we are seeing that patience needs to be exercised, but if the senior appointment critical and the appointment is got right, everything else slots into place. Increased return on investment, through quantifiable higher returns from higher calibre individuals, massive reductions in % churn of staff, significant increases in staff morale through excellent leadership and a substantial improvement in brand loyalty.

Therefore, why wouldn’t you plan to deliver well for your business and clients increasing share-holder value?

We continue to love working with our clients, when it goes well and when it’s tough. It’s great to stand shoulder to shoulder and we thank you all for a fantastic summer quarter.